The Story

The origins of the Schultz fashion dynasty lie way back in the 19th Century. Gyula Schultz my great grandfather started his first tailoring shop around 1890 and became the master tailor producing clothing for the aristocracy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Gyula's grandson Otto showed equal talent with cloth, first using it in Budapest in 1948 in a Communist Party factory. However, his flair for fashion wasn't appreciated, the Party Secretary blocked his university application because he was 'more interested in dancing than politics'. Otto set up his own business in 1953, designing for Hungarian celebrities of the time such as dancers and actors.

After the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Otto left his country, walking with his brother Carl Schultz (who later became a film director in Australia), to the Austrian border, they then had to pay their way out of the country, giving everything they could to the Russian soldier who guaranteed them safe passage. Both still had to run through a forest and across the border with the fear that a single gun shot could take them out, eventually they arrived as refugees in England.

By 1958 Otto had saved enough to set up a small but thriving business, and in the 60s he made clothes for London fashion designers and superstar George Best's Manchester boutique. He went on in the 70's and 80's to make for top Snooker players including Alex Higgins (twice World Champion), filmed in the factory as he was having a suit made, as well as footballers from local clubs Manchester City and Manchester United.

I joined the company and became head designer for Schultz' own label as well as designing and making for some of the biggest UK fashion retailers. These included the likes of Next, Top Shop and Burton, until Far East imports swamped the market in the late 1980's, forcing Otto and I to close the UK factories in the early 1990's. Otto continued bespoke tailoring alone, his order book still featuring a hord of celebrities, including the Australian singer Kylie Minogue, for whom he made a number of stage outfits. In 2007, Otto patented his invention "The Schultz Strap" for trousers and jeans . Schultz Tailoring was re born.

Richard Schultz